Very close to the beach, Escaleritas are a classic view of José Ignacio.

Getting there

By plane, the closest airport is Punta del Este, at about 40 minutes away from Escaleritas 4. During summer season there are a number of available connections from Argentina (Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba), Brasil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre) and Chile (Santiago).

Another airport is Montevideo, at around 1 hour and 20 minute on highway. Montevideo airport offerse connections from all over United States, France and Spain.

The main airlines serving Montevideo aiport are Pluna, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Sol, Lan, Tam, Gol, Iberia, Air France and American Airlines.

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By car from Argentina combining with Buquebus ferry service between Montevideo and Buenos Aires, José Ignacio is only a couple of horus away from the Argentinian Capital.

About José Ignacio

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José Ignacio is located very close to Punta del Este, only about 40 minutes away by car. Even though fun seeking tourists visit mainly during the summer season, José Ignacio is worth visiting any time of the year. Sunsets from the Escaleritas deck can be enjoyed with either summer warmth of winter solitude.

From January to December outdoor activities are possible during very diverse temperatures and ocean breeze. Playa Mansa is a great place to chill during the day, and walking througout the shore and discovering the lighthouse is one of the most beautifull suprises. Playa braba is an endless beach with a little more unquiet waters. Here it's possible organizing horserides all the way to Laguna Garzón, one of the most beautiful natural reserves of Uruguay.

José Ignacio brinda has all the commodities of a big resort, but still manages to keep the atmosphere of a small town. First class Restaurants and art gelleries with works from well known artists, are just around the corner. It's people hospitality makes this town a very joyfull experience.

The José Ignacio Peninsula, seen from the top of the lighthouse.

The José Ignacio Peninsula, seen from the top of the lighthouse.

It's a very small peninsula, diving into the Atlantic ocean for about 2km in length and 800 m wide. One side facing West where Playa Mansa is located, with it's fishing boats and magical sunsets. On the other side, facing east is Playa Brava, wide and with imponent waves.

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Weather in José Ignacio

  • Jan3416
  • Feb3617
  • Mar3214
  • Apr2810
  • May259
  • Jun205
  • Jul184
  • Aug162
  • Sep186
  • Oct209
  • Nov2510
  • Dec3114
  • Jan9361
  • Feb9763
  • Mar9057
  • Apr8250
  • May7748
  • Jun6841
  • Jul6439
  • Aug6136
  • Sep6443
  • Oct6848
  • Nov7750
  • Dec8857
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
  • Spring

Anual temperature, monthly average

The average temperature in José Ignacio, during the months of December, January, February and March is very pleasant, averages 36 °C (96 °F) during the day and goes down to around 15 °C (59 °F) during night. Often, a cold breeze flows in from the ocean at night so it's always a good idea to go out with warm clothing just in case. April, May, October and November have temperatures a bit lower than summer, around 20-25 °C during the day (68-77 °F) and going to a low of 10 °C (50 °F) during night. The coldest months are June, July August and September. During this winter season temperatures during the day can go as low as 8 °C (46 °F) and sometimes it might even get below 2 °C (35 °F) at night. You definitively will have to wear warm clothes all day and night. José Ignacio gets very deserted during these cold months, and if you want to go down to the beach, you will need hats and gloves.

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